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COSC-111 Introduction to Computer Science 1 (Spring 2019)

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Times & Location: Lecture: MW 10—10.50am, Science Center E108; Lab: F 9—9.50am (Section 1) or 10—10.50am (Section 2), Webster 102.

Website:, Moodle for assignments and forum

Instructor: Matteo Riondato (he/his, please call me "Matteo")
Contact: (Only for confidential messages that cannot go to the forum. Please use [COSC111] in front of your subject.)
Office Hours: T 3.30—5.30pm. Reserve a 15-minutes slot by the day before (Sunday) at 4pm.

TA: Zhiyuan Jia
Evening Sessions: SMW, 7—9pm, Science Center A131

Prerequisites: None. If you have prior programming experience, please talk to Matteo, as you may want to take COSC-112 instead.


COSC-111 is the first course in computer science, designed for students with no prior programming experience. We will:

  • get familiar with the concepts at the basis of computer science;
  • learn the foundations of computer programming through the Java language;
  • acquire the first notions of the creative process of developing and implementing an algorithm;


Most of the information you need is available in the syllabus. For anything else, please ask on the Moodle forum or, if it is confidential, email Matteo (please use [COSC111] in front of your subject).

Schedule & Diary

For the past dates, the listed topics are the topics covered on those dates. For future dates, they are the planned topics, and subject to change.

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