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Old News

A list of old news, moved here from the home page, mostly for my personal records.

  • ACM CIKM'18: I'm on the PC of ACM CIKM'18, which takes place in Turin in October.
  • ACM KDD'18: I'll be serving on the PC of ACM KDD'18, the major conference on data mining.
  • Teaching at Brown CS: I'm teaching CSCI 1951-G Optimization Methods in Finance again in Spring'18. So rewarding to be in class with brilliant students again!
  • SIAM SDM'18: I'll be the sponsorship co-chair for SIAM SDM'18. I'm excited to contribute to the organization of this great conference stressing the importance of theory in data mining.
  • Visiting NII: From 11/12 to 11/22 I'll be visiting Yuichi Yoshida at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, Japan, where I will also give a talk. I'm thrilled to spend a wiki with Yuichi, who is an incredibly smart, world-class researcher combining theory and data mining.
  • PC memberships: I joined the PCs of ACM CIKM'17 and IEEE ICDE'18. Looking forward to reviewing more works at the intersection of data management and data analytics.
  • New GPG/PGP key: I revoked my old GPG key and created a new one (ASCII-armored file).
  • WWW'18: I'll be in the PC for the next (World Wide) Web Conference.
  • NYU: On May 17 I'm giving a talk on ABRA at the NYU Center for Data Science.
  • Dagstuhl: I am giving a talk on Rademacher Averages and ABRA at the Probabilistic Methods in the Design and Analysis of Algorithms at Schloss Dagstuhl.
  • Grace Hopper'17: I am a member of the Scholarship review committee for this wonderful event.
  • ACM TKDD: the extended version of TRIÈST has been accepted for publication.
  • ECML PKDD'17: I joined the PC. This year the conference takes place in Skopje, Macedonia.
  • KDD'17: I am a member of the Senior Program Committee. Looking forward to reviewing many good submissions!
  • ICDM'16: I'm attending IEEE ICDM'16 in Barcelona from 12/12 to 12/15. Drop me a line if you would like to meet.
  • Boston University (11/18): I'm talking about ABRA, hosted by Evimaria Terzi.
  • IEEE MIT URTC (11/05): I'm a keynote speaker at the IEEE MIT Undegraduate Technology Conference. My talk will be about algorithmic data science as a way of combining theory and practice. I'm excited and honored to share my point of view with brilliant young minds.
  • IEEE ICDE'17: I'm on the PC for next year ICDE.
  • WWW'17: I'm on the PC for next year's WWW.
  • Carnegie Mellon University (10/24): Giving a talk on TRIÈST at the database group meeting, hosted by Andy Pavlo.
  • Network Science Institute @ Northeastern University (10/17): I'm talking about ABRA, hosted by Tina Eliassi-Rad.
  • University of Padua (9/26): I'm giving a talk on graph summarization at DEI (Department of Information Engineering). Excited to speak at my alma mater.
  • ACM KDD'16: TRIÈST wins the best student paper award (Research track). I feel very honored, and thankful to the PC and to my coauthors (Lorenzo De Stefani (the student), Alessandro Epasto, and Eli Upfal).
  • arXiv: a much longer version of TRIÈST is now available.
  • ACM WSDM'17: I joined the Program Committee of WSDM'17, a conference I always enjoy so much.
  • IEEE ICDM'16: I joined the Program Committee of ICDM'16, which takes place in the most awesome city of Barcelona.
  • ACM KDD'16: Two papers of mine (ABRA and TRIÈST) were accepted as full presentations. See you in SF in August!
  • ACM CIKM'16: I joined the Program Committee of ACM CIKM'16. Nice event that brings together different communities.
  • ECML PKDD'16: I am a member of the Program Committee. This year the conference will be in beautiful Riva del Garda, on Lake Garda, Italy, very close to my hometown Padua!
  • SINS'16: I'm giving a talk on ABRA at SINS'16, a workshop on Social Impact through Network Science. It takes place in Venice, in June. Looking forward to meeting many people there!
  • GHC'16: I'm so very excited to be part of the PC for the Data Science track at Grace Hopper 2016, the celebration of women in computing.
  • arXiv: Two new works on the arXiv, one on approximate counting triangles from streams (joint work with Alessandro Epasto, Lorenzo De Stefani, and Eli Upfal), and one on fully-dynamic betweenness centrality approximation (joint work with Eli Upfal). Sampling rules everything around me, and these two papers show it.
  • DAMI/DMKD: Our paper Graph Summarization with Quality Guarantees (joint work with David García-Soriano and Francesco Bonchi) was accepted for publication. Geometric clustering and extremal graph theory get together, and the chemistry is great!
  • WWW'16: We are giving our tutorial Centrality Measures on Big Graphs: Exact, Approximated, and Distributed Algorithms (joint work with Francesco Bonchi and Gianmarco De Francisci Morales). I am also a member of the PC and will chair the Social Networks and Graph Analysis 1 session. See you in Montreal!
  • ACM KDD'16: I'm a PC member for the Research track. After WSDM'16, another trip to San Francisco to hear about exciting research.
  • ACM WSDM'16: Our paper Wiggins: Detecting Valuable Information in Dynamic Networks with Limited Resources (joint work with Eli Upfal and Ahmad Mahmoody) was accepted.
  • Brown University: In Spring 2016, I am teaching Optimization Methods in Finance, in the Department of Computer Science. A wonderful area of computer science, with relevant applications. As usual, I will be balancing theory and practice.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology: on Thursday 12/10 I will give a guest lecture on Data Mining, hosted by George Valkanas.
  • Monash University: On Wednesday 10/28 I'm giving a talk: Travel pictures from another world: Statistical Learning Theory meets Data Mining.
  • CIKM'15: On Friday 10/23, I'm presenting a tutorial on VC-Dimension and Rademacher Averages for sampling algorithms.